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he gentle wines of the New Valamo Monastery

The Christian faith is linked by tradition to wine. For this reasons, winemaking skills have been preserved and passed down within monastery walls for centuries. This winemaking tradition continues at the New Valamo Monastery.


he first monastery wines in Finland were produced in Heinävesi with great dedication at the New Valamo Monastery. The dessert wines, sparkling wines, red and white wines and liquors produced at New Valamo have ripened and taken on their own unique quality in the peace and quiet of the monastery grounds. The church wine used during worship in many congregations has also often been produced and ripened at New Valamo.




The summer season open every day 9:00-21:00

Winter Season open every day 9:00-16:00

Welcome to New Valamo Monastery Winery!


ew Valamo Monastery

The New Valamo Monastery is an active centre of Orthodox religious life and culture.


ocated in the beautiful natural surroundings of Heinävesi, Finland, the monastery welcomes visitors throughout the year.


he monastery's peaceful atmosphere and close proximity to nature provide harried people of today's busy world with a rare opportunity to relax − far from the bustle and noise of everyday life.

New Valamo MonasteryNew Valamo Monastery